link alternatif maxbet 2019_Welfare offer william hill horse racing app_free login bet365?hack 2019 Political news, analysis, cheap shots, commentary and more about California and beyond Wed, 30 Jan 2019 15:06:25 +0000 hourly 1 By: patwater patwater Mon, 07 Jan 2019 22:30:40 +0000 /6e0/?p=29713#comment-11311 Creative idea: Jerry as an elder statesman is ideally poised to champion and lead the convention of states movement, the effort to call an article five constitutional convention. There are, uh, some serious shortcomings with the state of national politics and also some serious structural issues.

Our country’s crazy partisanship is exacerbated by an electoral system that gives Wyomians over 70x the voice of Californians in the Senate. Moreover does anyone seriously think that either party will get serious about the exploding national debt or liabilities like the growing climate catastrophe we’re leaving our children? Lots of reason to not, uh, be excessively optimistic about our countries future as national politics devolves further and further into a reality TV show.

The “confederacy of corruption, careerism and campaign consulting” is real and POTUS 45 has been swimming in rather than draining the swamp. As much as I’d love a President Brown, the truth is that we can’t hoping for a white knight to ride in and save America. The president isn’t super(wo)man and its time that we realize the truth that America is too big and diverse for centralized one size fits all solutions.

Jerry can also speak about the successes of subsidiarity and importance of breaking through the “wall of debt” firsthand. Also free from his day to day responsibilities and able to take the long view from the ranch, he’s uniquely positioned to help transcend our hyperpolarized politics. Such a convention needs leadership from the states which as America’s longest serving Governor, Jerry is ideally poised to provide.

Would also be a fitting (and truly Cinncinatus-esque) end for a leader who uniquely grapples with the big civilization-scale issues and opportunity to truly save the republic before entirely riding off into the sunset. Here’s to hoping Jerry still has one last crusade in him. Lord knows the country needs it…